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 A few years ago Coral Evans (a community visual artist living in Brighton) became increasingly aware that many of her fellow sea swimming sisters  'turned to the ocean and group sea-swimming' at points of emotional crisis  to seek solace, or as a form of respite.  Many claimed their regular swims helped them heal from certain physical or emotional traumas, but weren't too sure how, or why.... 'it just did'. 

Interested in exploring the 'how, or why' a little more, Coral set out on a  year long visual journey (later named) '12 Moon Swims with Brighton's SeaBirds', in an attempt to capture moments and stories that would celebrate both the calling from the ocean in times of crisis, and the strong female community that seem to naturally gather and support, both seemingly powerful platforms for the healing, nurturing and maintenance of both mental and physical well being.

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'From 2017, some female friends experienced significant changes in their lives which resulted in them meeting up regularly in the sea for swims.    Whilst chatting, bobbing, changing, faffing and drinking tea, Seabirds Brighton Ltd, a community interest company was formed.


''We noticed that being in, on or near the sea, together, had huge benefits for our physical and mental health, and well being. Creating a way for other to experience the benefits was a natural next step'

For more information about Brighton's SeaBirds: 

Photo credit: Rachel Goddard

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