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12 Moon Swims Fringe festival Tickets                     

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'12 Moon Swims' will be openly accessible to the public for three days from 10am - 4pm, at the Onca Community Barge (Brighton Marina), on Saturday May 23rd - Monday May 25th.  'Suggested donation' tickets to the top deck exhibition are now available via the Brighton Fringe box office. Please click on the below link to reserve. 

In addition!! Brighton's Salty Seabirds will be hosting a number of  art and engagement talks, workshops, screenings and of course sea swims on the bottom deck of Onca Barge, and local beach area over Brighton Fringe weekend.  We're really keen to create a space for all Fringe visitors and local community to fully immerseexperience, and potentially benefit from the Seabirds blue health space, and sea swimming. 

Day 1 - Body Positivity & Empowerment

Day 2 - Ocean & Environment 

Day 3 - Wellbeing & Blue Space

Seabird founders Kath & Cath are pulling together an amazing schedule of events which will be released in full on April 1st 2020.  Openly accessible to all, 'suggested donation' tickets will be available (in addition to the exhibition tickets) via Eventbrite in due course, so please do watch this space! 

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